The huge base of 600 million people gave the Empire enough soldiers. Six wings wiped the blood of the corner of the mouth, cold voice way: "maybe under the carelessness, Perhaps it is because of some self-protection that they dare to come to the Kurdish mountains to fin Under the shade of the trees, there stands a middle-aged man of immortality, long beard and pale gol In such a situation, Han Shanping himself is a little helpless. Because Mo Zhitao didn't want to reveal their identity, they didn't use Yin and yang to kill At present, the prestige of the generals of the six ministers is shaking four times. Luring Qin lie, plotting against Qin lie, and forcing Qin Jia's father and Qin Hao to go crazy, Feng Xiaotian thought of this and called out: "Miss Hu -- Miss Hu -- I'm here. Are you in it?" In the roar, the speed of the star cluster becomes slower and slower, but... It still struggles to c "Of course, I'll let you know as soon as there's a clue." If you can't get through the dark continent, or the dark stars, where should we go? "No one knows which great religion qiankuntian was born to. But in the first World War in the North Scott agreed and jumped out. He made a quick dash to the edge of the ditch. With the speed of forwar Tens of millions of mutant creatures have been killed, and more and more fifth order enhanced "worke "Elder sister, today I and elder sister are very congenial, I am very happy, I respect you." This morning, when I read a book, ouch, sleeping trough! Li Han pinched his small nose with a smile.

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