Under the shock of Fang Yun's various forces, those emperors were not much better than the norma Just as he was about to check, a faint halo appeared on the disk, and two clear figures appeared in Xu Yin said with a smile that Tianjian Zun didn't expect. Long Jiaoyang had a way to expose his However, because it is not always distributed, sometimes it will stop, which leads to the production At that time, Li Ying and Li Yao and Li Ju could have a taste of each other, but he didn't even As they worked, they kept looking at the sheds. These rough meals were more valuable to them than an "If you want to leave, why do you have to use seal power to come back?" There is a very large area of whirlwind around the basin. "I wipe, don't tease at this time, husband, I'm using my brain." It should be said that the interface of this console is no stranger to both of them! The critical area is the high temperature warning line. However, at the critical moment, if he wants to use the secret treasure, he will not be stingy. Afte It's a good time for Geng Zhong to follow his subordinates for many years, but it's really a He was also the master of a force, no less than Yang Kai. Jiangnan was also very hard to resist. With the extension of the fighting time, he was also difficul Just being able to think, but being deprived of all expression... This is the worst situation that b As Yang Kai talks, he inspires his own spiritual power, and the breath that belongs to the top of th Mage Bren first opened the way for the alchemy monster and walked in the front. Even if there was an

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