The reason is that the natural calamity is strong. Yes, she is going to find her lover. She has not been happy for a day since Jue Di fell. Angry is a minute late, 100 oceans, not to give a big ocean a human life, this is not forcing themse This just reflected, the other side is not trying to hurt themselves, but want to get rid of their s It's a headache for the local government to rob the local officials. Since Professor Guo Kangzi took out the things, he would not be surprised if he took out anything el All this is also from Xinfei chamber of Commerce. But after all, he was killed by Jiangshan, which could not escape in any case. So he said to Jiang S Then he launched a sweeping trip, and there were almost no sects in the whole central plains that co People like him are patient and tolerant. They are not easy to cultivate. A layer of strange brilliance suddenly burst out from Dai Yuhao, and his whole breath changed. Zichen is still not at ease, so let the rain elder with him, to the conveyor there to check a time, After listening to Li Qi'er's words, Zichen nodded slightly, and said to the eunuch, wait a Li Hao asked again, but in the end he couldn't find out. The guangtuan was like a dead eye, just When contacting Yang Tianci, ye Tianchen knew that he was put together by others! Only medicinal materials are sold here, not finished pills. Yunzhi is very curious about what the li After that, he exchanged a few gestures with Niu Jinbao, and then walked in with Niu Jinbao. The rich man said, "you are all lies! Now the flood has just subsided and the poor are waiting for r

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