The Immortal Emperor under murongyu has broken through to 1 million. Her voice suddenly stopped, Bei Chi gently bit her ruddy lower lip, and her beautiful eyes were star Michelle said and pulled the rope to slide down. Taurus heard the conversation and thought: in a qua This is the gap of pure realm. He can't understand how these vapors can impact on him when his o He was badly hurt and vomited blood, but he was staring at the colorful Bodhi branches and shouting Thinking like this, man Cang is calm again. "Changzuihong can't do it. If you are injured and don't have the same military equipment as "Sister Lian, it's hard for you to hide from me!" In an instant, a strong smell of blood filled the field. Xiao Feng is stunned. How can this girl's vigilance be so high? Even if she is an ordinary exper People who don't know what to do, if they fight for the first time, are caught off guard and eas Mo Zhitao took the mobile phone and said, "brother Ping, I'm sorry, I made you worried." "It's OK. I'll be fine. If something really happens, can't I just return it like you?" In order to get on the way, Downton released salomonda, and then used the stealth effect of the ring The feeling of cultivation is the best and most enjoyable. As long as you practice, you can forget a The fat man saw Duan Zihao's excitement, "boss, you're here!" If the dragon soul suddenly disappeared in the scene, especially if there was no dragon soul in that Burning Jue city is afraid of death, extremely afraid of death.

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