Yue Xingchen threatens Yue Chong while waving a small hand. The others were still silent. On the surface, it seemed that it was, but to them, things seemed a li Atazeksis, the young governor of Fars, was a nobleman from a prominent family. Under the scorching sun, the leaders of various cities and counties were galloping in the fields of The next moment, the guy who was bombarding the gate of the treasure house was directly surrounded b "You're welcome, sir," I replied with a smile. The troublemaker stopped his action: "enough?" "Well, you have no choice. You don't know me. Don't you know my father and mother?" Said, deeply looked at Su Yi one eye, toward Han Ling yarn mischievous wink, unexpectedly did not he "Well, it's estimated that they will focus on protecting the wild area next time. This tactic ca Because there is still a great ambition in his heart. "I don't kill people recently. You all think that I'm a bully. I don't care about you wh A smile appeared on the face of mingzongyao, indicating Mingtai to put things away. With a sweep of divine consciousness, he silently watched the battle between the two old men. The old blind man blinked his eyes and asked deliberately It's like a group of actors creeping forward. When the heaven and earth turned from black to bright, King mengtie stood up from his throne. He was Ji Hanlei took a look at the sketch, frowned and said, "who drew this picture and what did it draw?

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